Professional Skate Sharpening by Professionals and Skating Athletes

Skate Sharpening


    Learn to Skate    $19.99
    Freestyle              $24.99
    Ice Dance            $24.99
    Hockey                $24.99
    Synchro               $29.99
    Competitive         $29.99
    Paramount          $34.99
    Matrix Blades      $34.99
    Patch Blades        $34.99
    Rust Removal      $19.99
    Delivery Fee        $55.00
    Emergency        Variable

    What are the skaters saying?

    • I've been afraid to skate by myself.. ..after you had sharpened my skates.. ..I found my confidence again. Thank You!
    • I can do 3-Turns.. THANKS!!
    • .. from now on.. your the only one allowed to touch my skates!
    • I've been having troubles with my landings.. ..after you sharpened my skates.. ..I LANDED EVERYTHING AGAIN!! INCLUDING MY DOUBLE AXEL!!!
      A Chicago SkaterCompetitive Freestyle
    • Last week the instructor was trying to explain to me why my daughter couldn't do swizzles.. ..this week she passed.. ..Thank you for sharpening my daughters skates.
    • When do you come back to sharpen again or do I have to fly to Chicago?
    • .. but your the only one who sharpens my skates!!?!!! I need you back in 8 weeks!
    • Thanks Again!!
    • I will have another layover in Chicago. Can you sharpen my skates again before I fly out.
    • Oh my G##! I love what you did. It's amazing! Can you do it again?!
    • L***** had a great practice on her new blades. Thank You :)

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